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Thread: Shelf road, CO

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    Shelf road, CO

    Has anyone ridden this road? I ride a 04 GSA 1150. Good bit of dual-sport experience. Is this too much bike for this road or should I get out the old KLR. Thanks in advance.

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    Shelf Rd Colorado

    Hi Cooney,
    This is one of my favorite get-aways from Colorado Springs.
    I've done many-a-lap here and more than once 2-up. Here's a ride report from 2009 I took on my 1200.

    You can also make a loop out of this and Phantom Canyon rd.

    As with any trip to a scenic road - ride your own ride....

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    cooney, you will have no woes or issues with the Shelf Road on your 1150GS. It is a wonderful road/ride.

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    Thanks for the info. I was there around the first of June but played it safe after a lady in Cripple Creek talked me out of riding it with the GS. Damn! Should have tryed it. Can't wait to get back there again. Anything to get away from this heat in Louisiana.

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    So, if the GS will do it ok , how about an RT ??

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    I think so in good conditions. Can get a sense for the road from this vid...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfarson View Post
    I think so in good conditions. Can get a sense for the road from this vid...
    thanks so much for sharing that link, I looked at several......

    looks like they have them all documented ...... I had someone tell me that you could do Shelf on a Gold Wing..... he was a hard core off road guy though, I thought he might be talking that "he" could do it on a GoldWing, which doesn't necessarily mean that "anyone" could do it on a Wing.......but yea, the same can be said for a lot of the back roads that I have been on out there in the past.......if the road was recently graded, or no recent rainfall.....etc etc, you could take your time and travel a lot of them on most any street bike........but throw in ruts, wet clay sections, washboard sections, the occasional baby head rocks here and there...... yea, those same roads could be a bit treacherous with "bad" conditions..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfarson View Post
    I think so in good conditions. Can get a sense for the road from this vid...
    Steve, just realized who "sfarson" was/is LOL...too funny- man I just ordered your colorado book a few weeks back in preparation for my upcoming trip ( 2 weeks touring Colorado) and all I can say is thanks so much for putting the book together, it is awesome !! I've been out to CO about 4 times in last 10 years....and it is such an awesome state with so much beauty and beautiful motorcycling roads that I never get enough of and always hate to leave when my vacation time is done. Your book has directed me to some roads that I've missed
    out on and now am planning to visit on this trip .
    Thanks for sharing the wealth that is "Colorado " with fellow travelers.

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    There's the close brother to Shelf road: Phantom Canyon (=Hwy 67) which runs parallel just to the east. You could actually do a round trip from either Cripple Creek or Canon City riding both.

    Both roads have light "washboards" and deeper sand in sections and you can spot Texans enjoying them in summer time in their overloaded Suburbans with the whole family.


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    LT on Shelf

    Good information. I would throw in also since I am "a local". Ride shelf road on any vehicle during nice weather. Since the mine is doing so well they (both counties) maintain it well for local traffic. Also, get to Cripple Creek before 11 am and you can get Bronco Billy's $0.49 breakfast. Have a good ride and again Phantom Canyon is a good loop or Deer Haven will get you back to US 50.

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