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Thread: GTL Radar Detector Mounting?

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    Post GTL Radar Detector Mounting?

    It took very little time to recognize that I will definitely need to install a radar detector for driven around in SoCal on my K1600GTL (and probably beyond). The problem is‘«™ where to mount it! My detector of choice was the TPX, and of course have the visual alert and helmet alert module with it.

    What has me in a quandary is the fact that I cannot stand to have a bunch of crap "hanging" (mounted) on the handlebars.

    I ordered an RCU00115 shelf to see if that will be a better choice, but I'm not really married to that idea yet either.

    Any comments/suggestions?


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    this is a valentine 1

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    It's sooo convenient to just get a battery-powered radar detector, i.e. Escort Solo.

    I put mine--connected to a Sena SR10--in the map pocket of my tank bag and listen to it via Bluetooth.

    Hard to imagine anything more convenient/easy.

    A post to the Gear section here turned me on to the SR10
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    The Escort Solo is very convenient but really lacks range due to limits of using battery power. Most test indicate the Solo is so limited that is not worth using. Running a power cord to power a detector with a more useable range is pretty straight forward.

    I don't love cluttered bars either but find the Techmount 3-21007 to be a very effective mount. You can see it here:

    RCU has a shelf if you prefer: The challenge I have with a shelf is finding where to route wires. Using handlebar mount allow me to follow existing switch wires.

    There are few photo's of shelf on the k1600's so please post pictures if you take this route. Good luck!
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