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Thread: Miles per day on seat - stock vs. Russel

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    IBA needs a new award- BMW Riders Platinum- for any BMW owner who can do even the basic 1K run on a stock RT seat. My first $300 Yamaha was more comfortable and that was the cost for the whole bike....
    Don't own a Russell and can't say I like sitting on leather in hot humid weather but they are available otherwise and well proven by many. I prefer the carefree simplicity of vinyl and use a Sargent with a BeadRider.
    Asking for opinions on seats isn't going to be much help- only the owner is going to be able to say with absolute certainty what meets his needs and there are fans of all the major makers of custom or aftermarket seats..

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    I've done some long-ish days (400-500 miles) and some long-ish weekends (900+ miles) on both stock BMW and Corbin saddles. Corbin doesn't impress me as a serious long distance seat, mine's as hard as a rock. We just did a 3000 mile trip on the stock seat of my K1200RS. My GF initially said it was the most comfy seat she'd sat on yet (out of an 88 R100RT, a 93 R100RS, and an 88 K100RS-with a Corbin), but I'm not sure how she feels after this past trip?

    Considering kicking out for an aftermarket seat, but what's up with the BMW Comfort Seat?

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    Stock seat

    I did my first SS 1000 earlier this month on my stock RT seat but I cheated and used an Airhawk. No butt or leg issues at all. Got a ride in appointment in Sept for a Russell though.

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    My last bike came used with a Russell - I purchased in in NE Pennsylvania and rode it back to NC - 11 hours with no saddle sores, pain, or back problems. When I purchased my RT (used) it was two hours away. By the time I got home I felt like I had done three rounds in a boxing ring - pain from neck to thigh. I found a Russell on Craig's list for my bike and bought it. Though it was not created specifically for me, it was the best purchase I have done in a long time. Shortly after the purchase spent a day ride to the BRP and was fine.

    Thank you Russell!!!
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    These are a few of my favorite things ...

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    i'm riding the oem seat on my 04 gs without problems as well. 55k on the odo, many 700+ mile days.

    are you guys telling me I'd never have to stop if I had a better seat??? ;-)

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    If you sit [long enough] in even your most comfortable chair in the will get to your butt in time.

    I've had several Corbins they are firm,..but firm means support. Never had any OEM seat that was comfortable.....some are just evil!

    Currently have a Sargent on my Roadster,...not perfect, but much improved over OEM.

    AFAIC it's all a matter of blood flow, stop get off, create a little blood flow, repeat as needed, on a day long trip.

    When younger,..I used to do 6-700 p/day on a regular basis ...just can't anymore, 5-6 hours saddle time is all I want. On 'back-roads' that may mean considerably less miles. On slabs..about 250-300?.........that's enough for me.

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    I agree

    Quote Originally Posted by 2bikemike View Post
    Maybe maybe not. There's alot more that goes into riding 700+ miles than just the seat. Only you can answer this one.
    I agree with "bikemike" ....may be the seat or not. I personally like the stock straight seat on the older bikes; you can move around more on them. The newer seats seem to have a pocket keeping you from moving around or slides you up on the tank in the case of my now gone/sold 1150rs.

    Seats have never been the problem for me, it was the foot pegs or bars. Once you get them right, your ride will be better.

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    i have no problem with the stock seat on my gs. seems like i can put all the miles i need to on any given day or night.

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    I have a 2011 r1200gs. The stock seat would make my "privates" go to sleep after 20 to 35 minutes. An Alaska Leather sheepskin pad helped a bit but the problem persisted. I recently bought a Sargent seat and used it on a 6600 mile trip out west over a 15 day period. The seat solved my problem and I have not needed to use the sheepskin cover. I am very pleased with the quality and customer service from Sargent.

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    Thanks guys for your responses they gave me the courage to go for it. I went from Ashland, Ohio to Denver, Colorado in two days visited friends and made my way home in two days. Two of the days were longer than I would have liked but it made the trip work. My bottom side was fine but other parts sometimes needed to have the kinks worked out.

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    NEWSFLASH!!!BMW Finally answers the bad seat issue!!

    BMW Motorad recently announced that they have hired an expert to address the issue of rider pain resulting from their seats. The Motorad is proud to announce the hiring of Dr. Hilda Von Diesel (Mistress of Pain). Dr Diesel's first order of business is to reorient all of the BMW Girllymen to the joys of pain. In her own words, "Dere ist no such Ting as bad BMW seat, only naughty boys unt girls who need a schpankink!" In her new role, Dr Diesel will conduct" Rider Correction Seminars "which she promises "I vil schtraighten dere little asses out". Dr Diesel's House of Pain can be reached by a link on the Motorad Site. Be sure to call ahead to make an appointment for your Schpankink.

    Yet another benefit of owning a BMW Motorcycle!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nevergrowup View Post
    Will the new seat make it so I can make a one day run of 750 miles?
    I guess it depends on the person, but that is an easy day on a stock seat. I've done quite a few thousand milers on my stock GS seat.

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