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Thread: Saeng mirrors

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    Saeng mirrors

    This isn't unique to Hexheads, but as I have an '07 RT and there are a few threads in this forum about mirrors, I thought I'd start here.

    Has anyone installed the Saeng QuickScan mirrors on a bike, an RT in particular?

    Like a lot of folks here, I want to improve the rear-view on my bike. The BMW mirrors for the K-RS look great, but they're about $175 for the pair. I haven't seen them on eBay etc on sale. Saeng seems like a solid, well-made alternative, and are very attractive at $100.

    Curious if anyone has any comments pro/con on these, or Saeng mirrors in general. Thanks.
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    Ed Kilner #176066
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    I ran across this supplier, and will probably buy a set

    Have adjustable small spot types on the RT mirrors now and they are ok but not great.
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    I put a MaxiView on the RT's left mirror, inside top comer, where it seemed like it would do the most good without blocking too much real estate on the RT mirror. It shows more of what's behind, but the image is so small it's hard to interpret. Can't tell a Prius from a cop car. And if you can't see around your top box, passenger or camping gear anyway, it wouldn't help. I'll be interested in what folks say about the Saeng mirrors since you can mount those up high on the windshield where they may work better.


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    I have a pair on my 1200gs they mount to the factory mirror stems, in use for 18 months and happy with their performance, quality product

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    I'm moving this to GEAR since as Gregg noted - the mirrors aren't specific to Hexheads, and it's ikely people who don't own hexheads may have some comments.

    Hang on..
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    I thought about SAENG mirrors because they'd mount on the screen at or above my shoulders, but thought they might make it flex. i'll wait for reports here.

    I also purchased KRS mirrors from a nice local guy who didn't need them, having been told they'd fit the threads in my handlebars, but turned out they were the wrong mirrors. That still might be the way to go if I get the correct threads.
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    I pulled the trigger on the Saeng mirrors. I'll post a quick review and some pics when they're installed.
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    Plus: They are well-made, and installed in 30 seconds. The hardware seems top-notch.

    Minus: The stalks don't extend far enough over the bar ends. The actual mirrors are quite small, and somewhat 'fish-eye' shaped. Because of these factors, all I can see is my chest and arms; not very useful, IMO.

    Guess I'm returning these mirrors...and BMW gets more of my $$$.....
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