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Thread: What do you use for a key fob?

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    What do you use for a key fob?

    I've had my RT for over a year now and my key is naked. I just haven't come up with the right fob idea. The closest I have come is to get one of these. I ride to work in the early morning hours and this could be handy.

    So what do you use?

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    A freebie from the dealer on one bike and the door opener from the bike shed on the other.
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    Push button unit for alarm
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    Simple key loop, came free with the dog's rabies tag
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    A small leather pouch with the BMW roundel that belonged to my dad. He probably got it from the dealer with his /5 or /6. The opening is spring loaded to hold the keys inside when in your pocket. The keys are on a a ring which is attached to the pouch. I keep the non-ignition keys in the pouch with only the business end of the ignition key sticking out when on the bike. It looks like this:

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    My old brass traffic light key.

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    A Niteize S-biner

    I use a Niteize S-biner from EMS (pack of three for around $10 at EMS) when not riding you can clip your key to your belt ....or anything nearby.

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    One of those little plastic LED squeeze lights, comes in handy and doesn't scratch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 182242 View Post
    One of those little plastic LED squeeze lights, comes in handy and doesn't scratch.
    Good idea
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    Thumbs up Plain, bare key only

    I choose to leave the key's tucked behind my touratech GPS mount.....I leave it in place .....unless in a medium to high threat place.
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    Several keys on a ring, and a small folding knife/file tool. My bike with padlocked Happy Trails bags and a Jesse top case and a small cable lock does not use just a single key. So it has a small wad of keys. So far no fish have been caught and no birds have been downed by this approach. Oh, and the Sun still comes up in the morning and sets at night.
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    ...a Niteize S-biner...Cycl2day

    Ah, I wondered what this was.

    ...the Sun still comes up...PGlaves

    And I have nothing profound to offer, or anything, for that matter.

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    Here's mine: Belkin iPod remote on an aircraft mechanic's keyring, my ignition and sidecase keys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BugCollector View Post
    The closest I have come is to get one of these. I ride to work in the early morning hours and this could be handy.
    The metal fob will scratch up the area around your ignition switch.
    Try to find something that won't scratch.
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    For my ignition key i use an old leather key fob emblazoned with the words and logo from a British magazine I used to subscribe to.

    ClassicBike !

    My spare keys are kept in an old BMW leather zip pouch, grey and red color with a small BMW metal roundel in one corner.

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