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Thread: Rally Lost and Found

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    Talking Rally Lost and Found

    Once again, Lost and Found for the Rally will be in the Communications Office.

    To make things easy, may we suggest that you use labels as much as possible to identify your belongings. If you have return address labels, put one on your eyeglasses case, your camera, your cell phone, and anything else of value. If you have business cards, place one in your jacket pocket. I've heard of riders putting a return address label on the outside of bags (and yes, we have had luggage brought to lost and found). We do all we can to reconnect lost items with their owners.

    One other suggestion. Sometimes a rider will buy a new helmet or boots at a rally and just leave the old stuff behind. Not knowing if it is trash or lost and found people bring it to us. If you are trashing the old lid or kicks, mark them as "trash" or bring them to us to do that.

    We try to reopen after the Closing Ceremony for last minute claims. Any items not claimed in Lost and Found are boxed and sent back to the MOA office, but we think you might want that misplaced wallet, credit card, passport, bike key or gloves for the ride home.

    See you in Sedalia.


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    For cell phones put a ICE number In Case of Emergency. people can call the ice number to find out who the phone belongs to, also helps police and rescue people if something happens to us.

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