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Thread: Dinner in Marathon, Ontario

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    Dinner in Marathon, Ontario

    We will eventually work our way to Marathon for an overnight, any dinner recommendations ?

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    Been to Marathon before?? I don't claim to know the place well, have stopped through five or six times.

    I'd be at the A&W in the mall and call it a night

    But be sure to check out Pebble Beach....its through town and on the shore of Superior. You park up top and walk down to the water, the beach is all smooth rocks, bowling ball size and smaller. Kinda neat...

    And if you are ever camping this neck of the world, many amongst my posse feel that nearby Neys Provincial Park is one of the best. World class beaches and old growth camp sites.

    ps...a quick search says there are 16 places to eat in Marathon!!! I feel even less informed on the place.

    pps....I was there on the bike last summer. You gotta get the song by Tom Cochrane (Canadian musician BTW) called Big League. About a young hockey star who dies young. But one line just shouts Marathon and many places like it on your trip.......

    "Only two ways out of these cold northern towns, you work in the mill and get laid in the ground. But if you get a chance it will be with the game..."
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    not much from what i remember

    I've only stayed there once on our trips around lake superior, after that we changed our overnight stop to Wawa.
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    Fat Bear
    Biked through Marathon and stayed overnight 2 years ago. Had a terrific dinner at the Royal Canadian Legion. Extremely friendly people!

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