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    A Message from the First Aid Chair!

    Hello everyone!

    It is getting close to the national in Sedalia. I have been MIA but am back. My new e-mail address is:

    I am truly looking forward to being with my family again. You all mean so much to me.

    I just wanted you all to make sure that you come prepared to the rally. Make sure that you have plenty of water, a first aid kit and some type of road hazard warning in the event that you break down on the road.
    If you have a cell phone, do not put it in the bag. Make sure you carry it in a coat pocket when riding.

    First aid at the rally will be on the grounds and set up ASAP for those arriving early to assist in building our city.
    If you plan on attending the rally and have an existing medical condition, I ask that you come prepared. To define that I mean to bring extra dressing and bandages. I also define that to mean if you have an existing medical condition, make sure you have proper medications that have been prescribed for you.
    For those of you that have to use hypodermic needles for certain medications, I do have sharps' boxes for proper disposal of needles and blood glucose monitor sticks. PLEASE! Do not dispose of any medical sharps in the general use garbage. You may drop off used items at first aid and drop them yourself into the red sharps' box provided.
    If you are on existing medications always and I mean always carry a medication list and make sure you have easy access for responders. You can also list them into your cell phone. Knowing what meds you are prescribed can assist us in a direction of treatment. I and the volunteers are there for you but, at past rallies there were a few people offended that we did not do enough or provide medications.
    First aid is exactly what it means. We are not a pharmacy and we are not a free clinic. Make sure you have aspirin, heart burn meds etc. We cannot and will not provide over the counter medication. We are there to provide you with the best and earliest care in the event of a medical emergency. We are the first or second part of the Chain of Survival (depending on where you are at). We call the ambulance and provide patient stability until advanced life support arrives to transport you to the hospital.
    I again will apologize if I have offended anyone. I just want to clarify our role at first aid. Our goal is to provide the best for the best.

    Pat Carol, First Aid Chair 2012 Sedalia
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