I just bought a Shoei X-11size Medium helmet from a man with a round head. He bought it new and 45 minutes later decided that the pressure point on the back of his head was too great.

When I put the helmet on, I can feel no pressure points but the helmet fit is very snug, especially on the crown of my head and on my cheeks.

It's worth noting that the helmet I have been using up until this time is a "low-cost" M2R helmet which I felt was fitting, if not a little loosely, then not as snugly as I think a helmet should. It is a size M as well.

The crown fit I can deal with - I have no hair - and it's comfortable enough. The clamping on the cheeks though might be a problem, but I don't know maybe it's supposed to be like that. The Shoei size chart certainly says that I should be wearing a M. I wear a 7 1/4 hat.

So the question for you all, who have certainly worn more M/C helmets that I have...is it normal for cheeks to be pushed up and in by a helmet or should the padding only just make contact?

Sorry for the subjective question but I think your experience/opinion will help me.