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Thread: Helmet Security

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    Helmet Security

    What is the best way to secure your helmet to the bike while it is unattended? I just made a major investment in a Schuberth helmet and I'm a little nervous about leaving it on the bike but, I don't want to carry the thing around with me at every stop. It doesn't have a D ring so it can't be used with a standard helmet lock.

    Looking for suggestions.


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    I'm looking at a Schuberth full face.
    I'll do the same as now. A bicycle cable with combi lock at the end. I unroll it thru' my jacket sleeve, sit the helmet (full face) on the seat and run the cable thru' the face opening, and thru' the rack on the back.

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    You dont mention what you ride - one well known trick, the left side bag of the Gen3 classic K cases holds a full size helmet, oriented up facing rear. Works great except on long trips when the bag is occupied by a full bag liner, then I usually just take the helmet with me.
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    +1 cable

    I had a lightweight cable made at a hardware store. Crimped loops at both ends. Loop around chinbar and attach the other end to any available hard point.

    Of course, they do make a cable lock specifically for the purpose - more $ but has its own combi lock.

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    I too keep my helmet in the R12RT side case, it fits fine. If the case is full, I usually bring it with me. If I can see the bike from a window, say at a diner, I hang it on the footpeg. On the footpeg, it does not stand out and is sort of hidden. I never use my helmet lock cable on the RT.
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    I've seen the Pac-safe on a friend's bike and it looks like it should work well. It has the advantage of keeping rain and bugs out while parked. But $70? Nah!
    Go to Home Depot, etc, or a bicycle shop, and get a short cable with built-in, re-settable combo lock. Of course, nothing is 100% secure and even a pannier or top case can be pryed open. You can't stop the professional and motivated scum; only the casual ones.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lmo1131 View Post
    had one of those ordered for two months with aerostitch. finally cancelled my order when they admitted they had no clue when it would be in. i've checked with their other sellers and no one has them so i wonder if they just do not make them anymore.
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    I use a cable that I bought at JC Whitney. It has a lock on the cable if you want to use it. Just open the visor and pass the cable through to form a loop. Pretty simple system.

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    2 gun lock cables work for us
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    Thanks guys. This has been very helpful.


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    I used a Helmet Secure mounted to the side frame.

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    I use a thin steel cable with loops at both ends (no lock) which are sold to secure bicycle seats. I can create a loop around the chin bar and pass the free end through a second helmet (when I'm carrying a passenger) or through a jacket sleeve and then "lock" it to the motorcycle by slipping the loop over the saddlebag "hook" before locking the bag to the bike.

    I've also found on my K1200RS I can remove the saddlebag and slip the helmet eye port over the bottom mount (by the passenger peg) and then lock the bag to the bike. Unfortunately the helmet is upside down and will fill with rain but it's good if I forget the cable.
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    I use a lightweight cable ski lock.

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    I have received some pretty strange looks in a gas station with my helmet on. Beats buying another one. I us strangers still pumping to watchdog mine. In Mexico I leave it in a business for safe keeping while doing activities as luggage is always full on a long trip.

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