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Thread: When to replace your Helmet.

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    When to replace your Helmet.

    I have a 7 year old helmet. It sat for a good 6 years inside and has only been used regularly for the last year. It fits fine and has never been in a crash. I have read that you should replace your helmet every 5 years. Is that marketing fluff or true.


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    Like many topics, you'll get controversial replies. If a helmet was used 7 years, I'd get a new one. If it sat around in a good climate controlled environment, I'd be OK with it if it felt good, and the helmet was good quality to begin with.

    Note that for track (or at least the track days I do), a helmet over 5 years old will not pass tech inspection. It doesn't sound like you have that problem to deal with.
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    I have been told by Robert at the Service Pavillion it also depends on usage. If you put 20,000 miles on a year then your helmet gets more usage. Usage equals breakdown of material. To me this has some logic as heat, cold, rain and sweat all act to wear on the materials protecting your head.

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    Hmm...I guess I should replace my 1971 Bell Super Magnum then...

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    FYI: The Arai warranty (used as an example of expected helmet life) is for 5 years from the time the helmet was put into service or 7 years from date of manufacture, whichever is shorter.

    Does that mean the helmet turns into a pumpkin at the end of that time period?

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    Hmm...I guess I should replace my 1971 Bell Super Magnum then...
    Whatever you do with that Super Magnum, do not pitch it into the trash.

    In "good" used condition, with a warning that it should not be used for head protection, you can still get several hundred dollars, or more, for it on eBay... hard to believe but there are so many collectors, world-wide, for vintage Bell stuff it's amazing! Most of the buyers are in Asia.

    I sold an old visor, like this one, that had been kicked around the shop for years for $25 last winter. The same visor is on eBay today with a Buy it Now price of $70.

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