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Thread: Questions on K13GT for new owner

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    Questions on K13GT for new owner

    Hey guys,

    I have a buddy who traded in his F800 for a K13GT. He was wondering:

    1) What kind of tank bags are you using? He likes my easy mount R12RT system, but I don't think anything like that exists.

    2) What have you used for mounting GPS (Zumo 550) and Radar Detector?

    Thanks on his behalf,
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    I don't use either one, hopefully someone chimes in soon for you.
    I know there are various quick mounts for tank bags that mount on to the fuel filler cap, uses the same screws that the cap does.

    The GPS mounts it seems like mostly I have seen the ball mounts, like a "RAM" mount, I have also seen mounts that use the same ball-pivot but uses the holes in the handlebar controls that would be used for rear view mirrors (except the GT has fairing mounted mirrors, but the holes are there anyways)
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    Had used a First Gear Silverstone tank bag with the strap option on my K1200S, now that I have the GT I just use the saddle bags. I use a RAM handle bar mount for the GPS, not as sexy as some options but inexpensive.

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    I made my own mount for my Zumo 550. Pretty much a copy of the BMW Navigator mount in the center of the bars.

    I use the Wunderlich Urban Tour tankbag. Nice size, well made and easy to remove and refit for fillups.
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    On the Zumo, etc., Ram-Mount is your friend. I buy my stuff from Mount Guys.

    DISCLAIMER: I have no connection with Ram-Mount or Mount Guys save as a customer.
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    I did not like any tank bag solution when i had the Gt so just used the saddlebags

    Gadgetguy mount for the GPS

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    I use the Wunderlich GPS mount.

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    For a the radar detector I used a LegalSpeeding (?) radar box. On the bottom of the box at the front right corner I attached a Techmount Quick Disconnect plate. This slides onto a Techmount which utilizes the mirror hole in the right clip on. For both the audio and power connection to my Escort 9500 I bought and IP68 rated male and female cable. One stays on the bike and runs to the Escort remote and power and the audio runs to a MixIt2. The other runs into the Radar Box, so no need to open the box to connect/disconnect power and audio. I can remove the detector from the bike in less than 30 seconds and have ridden in downpours where cars were pulling over putting their hazards on. Guys at my local dealership asked if it was the Flux Capacitor, for me it just works.

    For a tank bag I used the Bags Connection City Bag powered. I ran the power connection straight forward which I am not real happy with. As much as I do not want to I may dremel the battery cover and use a rubber grommet to pass it through. I love the tank bag on long trips. It holds the extra shield for my Arai along with food, tools and anything else I might need to get my hands on quickly. It's very comfortable to lay forward on while on long interstate trips.

    Someone mentioned a RAM mount. I do have one of those on my clutch reservoir for my SPOT. Sorry I should have some pictures, just no time. Too busy farkiling
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    Quote Originally Posted by john1691 View Post
    Had used a First Gear Silverstone tank bag with the strap option on my K1200S, now that I have the GT I just use the saddle bags.
    I use the Silverstone tank and tail bags. The tank bag flops around a little (due to the design) but it also doubles as a small back pack so makes it easy to carry and it'll hold a fair amount of junk. I loved it when I went to the AMA races at Birmingham this year. Easy to carry around.

    Haven't put a GPS on mine yet, not really planning too. Mounts that use the existing mirror holes on the handlebars, or mounts that attach to the handlebar mounts or some that mount just above the instruments. The first two are the most common.

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