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Thread: 2010 K1300GT: Traction Control

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    2010 K1300GT: Traction Control

    My 1300 seems to be trying to protect me from me. When leaned over it reduces the power output and brings the throttle on very slow even though I keep twisting the throttle. uggh! Frustrating.

    Is there any way to turn off the sensors??

    Suzuki did this with the Hayabusa years ago. In the lower gears the computer would limit timing so that the bike wouldn't give you all it had. Somebody went out and built a "plug-in" module that told the computer that the bike was always in 5th gear and the horsepower flowed again and that was a good thing.

    I don't need all 150BHP out of the BMW while leaned over in a corner but when I roll on the throttle I expect it to start putting some power to the road and not have to wait for it. Is it traction control or is it simply the fly by wire throttle that needs some calibration of the throttle position sensor?

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    I have the S vs the GT, but I have no issues and have been very hard pressed to stay with some GTs in the curves. When I demoed my S, I was behind my buddy Joe the salesman on a GT and he smoked the rear tire on the onramp to the freeway, so I am guessing yours may be in need of adjustment.
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    Uh, something's broken. I demoed a K1300GT recently and never saw this, even with some brisk riding in twisties.
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    Thanks fellas. I'll dig into it.


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