My 2000 R1100RT was totaled 10 days ago (while parked). Insurance company writes me a nice check, and this weekend I found a 94 RS in pristine condition. 50K miles, has Ohlins and assorted other nice farkles along with every service record since new. And it was so clean you could eat off it.

Now, the problem. The previous owner removed the charcoal canister and the lines are just zip tied to the rear peg bracket. I have owned it since Saturday and after every ride I get a quarter size drip of gas on the ground. To make it worse, when I park it in my air condition garage over night I get about a 5 inch diameter pool.

I'm sorry but this is totally unacceptable. I have a spare canister. Should I just put the thing back on? Is there going to be any issues? The canister is off my RT but I'm just guessing they are all the same in that year range (correct?). It's a great bike but I can't deal with a gas leak.