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Thread: 2000 r1150gs random hesitation

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    2000 r1150gs random hesitation

    00 r1150gs 63k miles
    bought the bike about 3k miles ago ran great except for a minor 3.5k rpm vibration
    syn'd the throttle bodies which took 95 % of the vibration away.
    a few weeks later im out riding with a few friends stop to fuel the bike starts to hesitate if i full throttle it it would clear up and after about a half a mile it was running as good as it was before. put some techtron in the tank and put a few hundred miles on the bike it all good. few weeks later taking a long ride to the pa mountain rt125. the bike shuts off .fuel pump turned on had spark and injector pulse
    had to tow it to my shop .since i read that hes is a common failure i ordered a new one . using a lab scope i checked the pattern for the two sensors which was perfect .
    but still decided to remove the old sensor which was almost brand new and installed the new one.. attached a fuel pressure gauge no pressure . removed the fuel sender and found the line between the pump and filter split since it had a made in china fuel filter i thought maybe the fuel line wasnt for fi .couple hundred miles no problems . today heading back to rt125n bike starts hesitating if i kept the revs up it would run crappy but would run. bike stalled and wouldnt resatrt 10 minutes later started ran crappy for about a miles then ran perfectly for 150 miles . luv thev bike but no the b.s
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    Just curious, after the fuel line repair did you check the fuel pressure?

    Is it possible that one of the fuel lines or fuel pressure regulator has an obstruction that led to the fuel line rupture?

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    ...well that sucks.

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