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Thread: Hearing Aids & Helmets

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    I wear hearing aids, both ears. Mine are Phonaks, in the ear (not in the ear canal). They have mute buttons that I push to mute when I ride. I have a watch that controls the volume (and I can mute it with this also), and an I-com device that uses bluetooth to direct my cell phone to my hearing aids (this is a godsend).

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    I'm waiting on my HA audiologist to send me MY!!!!!!!!!!! hearing profile(it has hardly changed since Army one I've got from 1969!) so I can include it with my HA's to send in for repair & re-program. They want a privacy form completed & returned before they'll mail it! When I call Humana(my Medicare provider) all they ask is my member number & we can talk about everything! This privacy thing is haywire!!! Seems the bad guys can get my info & I cannot? I called one of the two KY state retirement systems with a question couple years ago & they said I had to come in person or fill out a request 1st. I said , so you are willing to send me money but not change the mistake on my info w/o that crap,wow, whats next? Here I am on a 1st name basis with the audiologist & the receptionist(ENT office) needs more paperwork? Good thing I can hear something while I wait? Sleep doc told me to make sure I continue toward a machine that will be compatible & provide sleep apnea help. I get home & tell wife that he warned me it was going to be the big one Elizabeth ,ala, Fred Sanford if I don't get a machine that works soon. She says they must not be too worried about me dying as it took 3 months to get in to see the guy. So much for dying peacefully huh?
    End of rant!

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