I have had HA's for a few months & noise induced loss for many years. You cannot talk about loss w/o saying what kind & how much,etc. Mine is high frequency, as common for noise caused & is ~35% & same curve in both ears. FWIW there is a nice website for interaction with others having loss & aids & a few pros in that field too: www.hearingaidforums.com.

I'm in the why wear HA's on a bike? I switch to plugs! In a car I wear the right side, while the driver, to hear the boss & remove the left entirely to hear the road sounds better as no blockage from in the ear tube. I also remove them for farm work,mowing,shop time,rainy day hiking/fishing/golfing,etc..
Another FWIW, I bought mine on eBay used, @ great savings after much research. I went to a pro for fitting,new in the ear tubes & re-programming. There are a couple of resellers on ebay that do it full time & from communications they are OK to deal with. Mine happened to come from another seller there.Many people with HA's are in the latter part of their life & often die soon after spending more for HA's than any of my bikes cost! My Phonak Nadias are from such a death situation & I saved thousands!
It's a fact that many in the club probably need HA's & don't have them. Just a natural leap from bikers interests. For me it was simply a procrastination & I could hear some so tightwad saved the $ until I saw the light. Tryth be known you will not "fix" your hearing situation but it does help at times. Mine are adjustable too-had to turn them down in a restaurant the other day to tune out a loud mouth! Issue before was not hearing across the table due to background noise-hard to find a balance in those situ's.