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Thread: MOA Rally 2012

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    MOA Rally 2012

    Will be riding from Corpus Christi, Texas to Sadalia,MO
    See you all there!

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    I'll be riding from just south of Houston...maybe I'll see you on the road somewhere!

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    Just there:)

    I was just there in CC,TX a short while back on my GSA1200. April, it was. My kids are Navy and one got their Gold Wings there. I rode in for the ceremony, from the West coast. It was hot, even then in Spring! I IB'd it there and back, all slab running. Got another 1000+ day in too, Corpus to Tucson, if you wonder! Its a 1030m...Me/GSA= 17hours. YOU riding GS or the like, JOIN us for GSGiant pre rally in Oark,Ark., starts the 15th and we end up in Sedalia the 18th. Randy

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    Barley and I have been doing a lot of training rides in the unseasonable heat we had the past week or so. It's impacted our rhythm a bit, forcing more hydration breaks. But it feels like we're getting acclimated. Three more weeks till we head out in the great scenic arc thru NY, PA, MD, WV, VA, KY, TN and AR to get there!

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