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Thread: 99 fan motor # 17112317705

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    99 fan motor # 17112317705

    Morning. My 99 RT-P aux cooling fan motor died the other day and so my operating temps have almost doubled. In this heat I don't need that. The part number for the fan is 17112317705 and I can get it rebuilt locally but I need to know the correct output, amperage etc to tell the shop rebuilding it. Can anyone help me find that info. It is easy to find the part on the net but not the specs. Obviously I am not much of a mechanic but I want to tell the shop more than it is a 12 volt system and runs on a 5amp fuse. Any help would be appreciated. Please move me this if I posted in the wrong location. Thanks Nic

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    Um, not knowing the specifics of fans and motor winding, if that shop needs this info, then I'd question the ability of the shop:
    Output? That's only CFM (cubic feet per minute of airflow). Depends on rotational speed & pitch of the blades.
    Amperage - good that you know that it's on a 5-amp fuse, but current draw (at any time except the instant of startup) will be determined by the size of the wire and the number of windings. If the shop duplicates what's in there, there shouldn't be any issue.
    It likely died either because of an open winding or a stuck bearing. If it's a bearing, then there'd be no electrical issue, unless it overheated (the fan motor itself) and THEN burned out a winding.

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    Paul 1150 info

    Thanks Paul. Sometimes I try to get all the info I can but your points are right on and I knew they may never ask me. I think I saw a small spark from that area while riding. So I may have burnt bearing issues too. I have found a Beemerboneyard that is selling a new motor for $70 so I think that probably is the better route. Thanks for getting back to me.

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    Just about every electric motor I have ever seen has basic electrical info right on the device. Stamped in, printed on or labeled on the motor casing.
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    $70.00 would be a good deal.

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