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Thread: Heading Out West

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    Cool Heading Out West

    We are heading out to Portland from Vermont through Canada , down to the Upper Peninsula, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. Any idea what temperature extremes we will be dealing with in the last 2 weeks of June?

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    I did that trip last year, only starting in the west. Had everything from close to freezing at night to 106F day time. Prepare for everything!
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    Mostly mild;

    Cold mountain regions, even in mid summer can get frosty(early and late). Beware nights for the really cooler temps.. Enjoy. Bring liners/layers for clothing. Mesh works, but have layers for the cooler climes. Randy

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    Just got back to Vermont from that region. Got really cold in the mountains in the early morning (high 30s). Make sure your hand warmers are working. If you want to do a great ride take the Lewis Clark road from Mizzoula MT to Lewiston ID . Also I believe it is highway 95 from Lewiston south along the the Oregon/Washington border in Idaho was fantastic. Gets really hot in the plains.

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