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    Introduce Myself

    Hello! I have a pretty interesting story about BMW and me. I bought my first BMW R500 when I was in my twenties and in the service. The guy I bought it from was a wonderful and very bright country mechanic. He had converted (chopped) the bike so he could go off road racing where he won many local races with it. Another interesting thing was he was such a good driver and show off that he would drive downtown and lay the bike on it's footrest and spin around 180 degrees and get up and keep going in the opposite direction.
    Well some forty years later I am in forced retirement and I buy an ex police R1100 RT-P on the internet. You could say it has not been a great experience since I have paid more in repairs than I paid for the bike but you take the chances. The police aspect of the bike appeals to me because for eight years I was in law enforcement.
    When I get more comfortable with the dependability of the bike, I want to meet MOA members and go on rides, etc. So this is an intro to me. I look forward to meeting you. I just tried to insert a picture of the bike but could not manage it.

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    Welcome. I, too, have an R11RTP. I was lucky. Mine was put into civilian service by someone who cared. He pulled off all the police stuff and had the thing repainted solid black, attached driving lights to the crash bar attachment points that penetrate the fairing, even put gray carpet in the floor of the ratio box. I put on all new cables, Ohlins suspension, tall CeeBailey screen, Mayer seat, power commander, two brothers cat eliminator exhaust with power tip, and throttlemiesters. She is one sweet ride. So much so that I got my GSA as a retirement present to myself. I occasionally think about selling the RTP then I ride it and ... Again, welcome. OBTW, where are you?
    Gear Up and Ride Safe
    Jim Rogers
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    Yorktown, Va

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    Thumbs up Hello Novicebmwlover...!

    Welcome to the MOA forum. It's a great place to read up on all things BMW motorcycle related. Not sure where you live, but if Sedalia, MO is not too far a ride for you, you ought to think about coming to the 40th BMW MOA International Rally next month (July 19-22).

    Tons of riders (some are saying close to 8,000) on pretty much every year & model BMW has made, great seminars, great entertainment, lots of vendors selling stuff you "just have to have", a large beer tent/hall if you like beer, more folks sleeping in tents than you'll see pretty much anywhere, and much more. The event is run by volunteers and that's one of the best ways to enjoy yourself... volunteer and you are an instant participant rather than feeling like a visitor.

    For sure it would be an excellent way to get that "Novice" out of your username.

    Best regards,
    Tom Hill - Atlanta GA
    "Every Pilgrim Needs A Highway"

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    Welcome aboard! This is a great place to find our lots more about our favorite bikes and the people who ride them!

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    Glad to see you here. Hope you get many miles of great riding out of your RT-P now that the problems are sorted out.

    How about some pics of your bike?

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