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Thread: Greetings from the Ozarks

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    Bug Dr.

    Greetings from the Ozarks

    I purchased a 2012 RT back in March and I'm just getting around to joining this forum. I've been riding a Honda ST 1300 for the past four years and decided to try the RT for increased creature comforts. I'm not getting any younger and I like creature comforts on long trips but still am young enough to enjoy the sport side of sport-touring. Typically, I ride 15K - 20K miles per year and always want to up these numbers.

    Me and a buddy are heading west at the end of this month so I've ordered the BMR rack and Illium foot pegs. I haven't received either so I can't comment on quality/comfort as of yet but I will be happy to report on both after my trip. We camp when we travel so I am guessing the rack will come in quite handy on the trip.

    Most of my forum activities are still on as I have met some great people that are like family over there. I know what an asset a good forum community can be for specific brands and I will probably have questions about my RT from time to time. I look forward to participating in gatherings with the BMW Owners as a BMW owner. In 2009, I attended the BMW Bash at The Hub (with my ST) and rode with some Memphis and Cape Girardeau riders over to the Oark General Store.

    I put my information in The Book so if you are passing through Russellville, Ar give me a shout. I can point you in the direction of pretty good roads.

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    Welcome to the forum and the brand. I hope you find this community up to your level of expectations...good people here!

    Nice country in the Ozarks! I've stayed overnight in Russellville at least once before...making that run up Hwy 7 from Hot Springs. I really like western Arkansas.

    It's a hop-skip-jump to Sedalia, MO, for this year's National Rally. Maybe see you there!
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    Welcome. Hope the new bike exceeds your expectations.

    Look forward to hearing how it all turns out.

    Too bad you have such twisty roads to ride.

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