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Thread: superstakes 3 ticket ?

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    Question superstakes 3 ticket ?

    Trying to register for the rally next month.
    I didn't see any place to also order the super sweepstakes ticket.
    Are they sold out?
    Or did I not do something incorrectly?

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    I saw it listed under MOA Merchandise. It went right to the Superstakes when I clicked on it.

    I saw that it now says to preregister separately for the rally when buying a ticket. I thought we were registered when we purchased the Superstakes tix. When I then went to preregister for the rally, it just asked a few questions, but the charge was zero. Maybe they know we bought tickets already? We both filled it out just to be safe. The questions just asked if we were camping, were we trailering our bikes there, etc.

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