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Thread: Cry Me a River in Money Creek Minnysoda.

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    Cry Me a River in Money Creek Minnysoda.

    So, last weekend, I left for another favorite rally of mine, the Hiawatha Rally in Money Creek, Minnesota. This is another one I have gone to for over 20 years, Bluff Country is excellent at this time of year. Money Creek is 30 miles or so West from La Crosse, Wisconsin. It's North and mostly West of me, around 250 miles or so.
    They predicted 20% chance of rain by me, yet none there, so I decided the Northern route above I-94 was best, Hwy 16 to Hwy 60 into Spring Green. Unfortunately, I went that way 2 weekends ago to the GRRR.[/URL] The first part of that RR is the same route, but I did stop and get some new pictures, and the route from Spring Green (Home of one Taliesin) differs a lot.

    So, I packed the bike and do a quick sky check. Meh! 53 degrees though, so I had the heated liner on under the air gear.
    Gone by 9 am

    I stopped in Columbus, on Hwy 60 at around 10:30, for an Irish Breakfast.

    You can see the curves coming.

    I don't think this is a hex symbol, but I took a shot at speed anyway.

    Taking Hwy 60, I am heading west until I come to Prarie Du Sac and Sauk City. You cross over the Wisconsin, and run along it from one town to the next, as they "touch". Here is a shot of the river from Hwy 60 in Prarie Du Sac.

    About a mile down, we hit the next town. They must have some connection to this Science Fiction writer, and I never noticed that before. I have read his work.

    On towards Lodi, I don't want to get stuck in there again.
    Apologies to CCR 3
    The roads keep getting nicer.

    Then it flattens out a bit after Lodi until we get to Spring Green, around 20 miles, and Spring Green is 120 from my house.
    Just outside of SG, History:

    You can see where the river is, south of here.

    I hit the gas station in Spring Green, tank up, Chicken Tender and water up, and ponder the next 133 miles of mostly 2 lane to Money Creek. I will be heading up North on Hwy G around 20 miles or so, much through Amish Country, it's a nice road. I pick up a few west heading back roads to hit Hwy P, in the Kickapoo River Valley. From there a long ride West on nice 2 lane into Coon Vally, 15 miles from La Crosse. Google says 98 miles to Coon Vally from Spring Green, and what a ride!

    View Larger Map
    You can see the coming curves on Hwy G.

    I was dying to get a picture of this.

    What a great curvy road, I am blasting alon...whoops, CHEESE!

    G is nice, but here we are, just outside of Hillsboro (where I went for gas, when I went on reserve right as I turned on P! ) at our goal.

    This sums it up best: Roy cam.

    Don't ask how I filmed that.3
    It's such an enjoyable road, but I quickly reach Coon Vally. I get on Hwy 14 and make it into La Crosse around 3:30.
    That sucks at Rush hour when it's hot, but I cross over the river, buy a sub at Subway, pack it, and head into Bluff Country.
    Well worth it.

    I pull into Money Creek about 4:30, register and go to find my brother and friends.
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