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Thread: '78 RS Ignition/key switch wiring

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    '78 RS Ignition/key switch wiring

    I decided to repost this with a different title. Does anyone have a picture of the four wires going into the key switch.I lost the picture I took of mine. I need to the order of the white/gray,red and two green wires that plug in. I'm terrible at reading the wiring diagram.A picture would help me immensely. I'm putting the RS back together after having the frame powdercoated.

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    Haven't got a picture, but:
    the big red wire (from the starter relay) goes to terminal 30;
    the gray wire goes to terminal 58;
    the "Single" green wire goes to terminal 50;
    and depending on if you have a "U.S." or "Europe" wiring setup, the single or dual green wires that come from the light relay and/or the lights switch goes to terminal 56.

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