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Thread: How do you contact management about warranty issues?

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    Grass Roots BMW has a great reputation

    SCQTT, thanks for your input. I like your line about the Memphis dealer is Suzuki shop with a BMW logo on the building.

    The local BMW chapter called the RAMS is very pro Grass Roots.

    I am pretty sure the labor is included when the parts go bad under warranty.

    I will keep you posted on the challenge in getting this repair covered under warranty.

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    cjack, thanks for studing the repair history so carefully

    You had to really study the repair history to notice that the compensating shaft and the clutch cylinder are still covered under warranty. I am not sure if there is any other seals that can go bad in that area other than the engine output, transmission input and clutch cylinder seal. My concern is that it might be the engine output shaft seal that is bad this time and is out of parts and labor warranty which means they will want me to pay the $1,500 plus bill.

    I plan on going down fighting. I will keep you posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCQTT View Post
    The parts warranty means much is that? The labor for changing those parts is not covered is it? (I'm not certain)

    Again, the right dealer makes all the difference in the world. The wrong dealer makes it a royal PITA.
    Actually the parts warranty includes labor no matter who did the labor to install the part as I read the warranty on BMW parts a few years ago. I thought at the time that it was quite generous.
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    BMW MOA Volunteer

    The BMW MOA has a person whom is called "Consumer Liaison." From the ON, I found that he's Jim Wright, lives in NC, and gives telephone number of 828-817-9135, and email of:

    I have a similar role in the BMW CCA (Car Club of America), and my title there is "Ombudsman." I can tell you that the BMW NA Customer Service people are always pleased to speak with you, but have very little ability (in my five years of experience with them) to help resolve a problem. I have had some success with speaking to supervisors of the CS people.
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    Thanks ExGMam and cjack for your suggestions

    cjack, I think you are correct on the 2 year parts and labor warranty. Two of the four possible leaking seals are still with-in the 2 year time frame(compensating shaft seal and output cylinder clutch/seal). The best I can tell the engine output seal was last replaced on 04-2008 and the transmission input seal on 02-2010.

    ExGMan, Paul Glaves had the same suggestion about contacting the Ombudsman/Consumer Liaison. Thanks for the info on Jim Wright. I will send him an email over the weekend and contact by phone next week.

    Thanks again for the help and suggestions. I will keep you posted.

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    2 yr parts warranty..

    Covers labor too if the original work was done at a dealership. DAMHIK. I got a replacement ZFE in Nevada at Sierra BMW as the original ZFE was replaced under warranty in 2008 for an ESA problem. In 2009 I had a mystery charging problem which Sierra diagnosed as ZFE and BMW stepped right up and paid for it, part, labor and all.
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    BMW MOA Consumer Liasion working on the warranty issue

    Jim Wright the Consumer Liasion for BMW MOA has been very attentive and helpful in getting the matter resolved. Jim contacted a service tech. friend of his and both agreed that there is something serious wrong with my bike. Jim is going to contact David Bloodworth the service writer for Bloodworth BMW and find out if my bike has ever had the output shaft and transmission input shaft checked to see if they are running true. I doubt that they have. I think they just keep slapping new seals in and hope I will go away sooner or later. I will keep you posted on what Jim finds out from Bloodworth BMW.

    I find it interesting and somewhat disturbing the the Consumer Liasion for BMW MOA does not have a list of the BMW Regional Service representive. Jim said that he is going to try and get a list of the Regional Service Reps.

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    Angry BMW Service is harder to reach than the White House

    WE recently went round and round with a K1600LT bike that broke down in May while we were on our road trip to New Mexico. (don't go to Sandia BMW Motorcycle Service! It is the worst and they do nothing to assist you or help you reach someone in authority. We had a gear bearing that went out and the bike had less than 14000 miles and should have been warrantied. BIG NEWS here is that if you ahve a trailer attached at any point BMW will void the service needed because they will link it to the trailer--even when it is not linked. Even when you have other service dealers stating that that is rediculous. Doesn't matter! And can you get to anyone with authority NO. It took us until this week to finally get something done--we had to leave the bike behind on two separate occasions and only received a "good will jesture on the first $6000 repair. The second repair only 500 miles after the first was a "covered" area. Hmmmm? In the end we had to make two flights at our expense and one u-haul trip home. We recovered only $500 on the first uhaul trip. On the second trip --well Trip interrupt does not take credit card statements or bank statements showing the airline and travel expense. So if you book online with e-tickets--good luck! We are still trying to get something on the $3000 in trip costs and it is not looking good here either. We actually sold the BMW to Sandia just to get away from the poor quality and service issues. We had tried to contact our liason, but that did little to assist us. In the end, I wrote lots of emails, made lots of calls, and pretty much decided there is no authority at BMW--they must be ghosts!:

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    160247, I thought that I had it bad.

    I finally found a way to get into BMW NA. The local dealer said to call customer service. The Customer Service rep are very nice, and after repeatedly calling them I finally got them to bump me up to the next level. I spoke to a young lady named Kara or Kari. She was very nice and did contact Bloodworth BMW service writer David Bloodworth. But the Customer Service based out of Ohio does not have any authority to get things done. I tried for a week to reach a higher level at BMW NA. I was going to do a letter writing campaign to the higher ups, but I could not find many names other than the CEO to write to. While I was on the BMW NA home page I saw their facebook button and posted on to their facebook page. All I posted was that I have had several seal failures and "does anyone know how to get in touch with BMW NA higher level Customer Service". The next day I got a call from them and they have been very helpful. I should know next week what they are going to do about my leaking seals again on my 20005 GS with 40,000 miles on it. I will keep you posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 160247 View Post
    WE recently went round and round with a K1600LT bike that broke down in May while we were on our road trip to New Mexico. (don't go to Sandia BMW Motorcycle Service! It is the worst and they do nothing to assist you or help you reach someone in authority.
    Wow. That's a pretty damning statement about Sandia BMW for a first post on this forum, and completely anonymous.

    Fortunately - over the years I have learned that not everything your read on the internet is true. Considering that my experience with Sandia BMW, on both the car and motorcycle sides, has been at least as good as most BMW dealerships I've done business with since the 60's [started riding BMW's in 1956 on my Dad's R/60 hack] - and better than a lot - I can put your post in the "may not be completely accurate" column.
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