Not able to go but if you live in S. Il or SW Missouri you might enjoy this.

To celebrate summer, let's do another "Ride 'n Eat" for the month of June. Let's gather at GrassRoots BMW at 10 AM on June 24th and head north to St. Genevieve, MO. There we'll take a break for some ice cream then head on a few miles to the St. Genevieve/Modoc ferry to take us across the river to Illinois (ferry toll is $5 for motorcycles). Then we'll work our way down to Chester, IL and have a late lunch at Reid's Harvest House (a great buffet). After appropriate libations we'll then continue south on Rt. 3, the Great River Road. The Illinois contingent can break off at Hwy. 149 to Murphysboro or continue with the Missouri folks back down to Cape G. Round trip is about 145 miles so it'll be a nice day ride.
This is just a tentative schedule. All ideas are welcome. For example, what's the best "country road" route between Cape and St. Gen? Is there a place in St. Genevieve that people would like to stop at for lunch? Etc., etc.