Prior to my 2 up trip to Mt Rushmore members on the fourm gave great input. The trip is complete and I wanted to share some facts. Round trip 3909 miles, 11 States touched; NY, PA, OH, IN, IL, WI, MI, MN, SD, WY & IA. Best day 540 miles, best leg 220 miles. Fuel $351.37, Tolls $38.45 and lodging $873.44.

Things that went right.
09 K1200 LT serviced by MAX BMW of CT ran flawless
Aerostitch Vegan summer gloves worked great on the warm days still like my Held gloves
Aerostitch rubber boot covers, west bound was warm and dry, east bound was cold and wet.
Russell Day Long Saddle, worked great
Nolan N104 helmets for both of us worked well communications gear failed
LD comfort riding shorts worked well.
I attached a "Chase Harper" barrel bag to my passengers right side case grab handle worked well as a place to keep stuff handy.

Things that went worng.
Nolan B4 communications kit big failure, we lost intercom halfway through ride. When I received the set up it had a added instruction sheet that spoke of an inherent problem where a flat wire comes loose, it did and I call "Joe" in tech support and he walked me through fixing it. Test ride worked fine and half the trip worked fine. One morning ready to set off it failed big time back on the phone from the motel room with the helmet taken apart did nothing. I am waiting for a replacement and I hope they issue a recall and repair the weak point. If you have a B4 communitactions call Joe 630 671 9710. I will give Nolan a chance to make this right but what a disapointment to spend hours on a sight seeing trip with no intercom.

An observation
My wife did a great job with navagation and co-driver. Maps extra head checks with lane changes, water, food and being a good sport in the cold and wet.
I noticed that people dont look out the windows of their cars, kids and adults have their face up against electronic devises. It use to be on a long trip as you passed other cars especially on a motorcycle you would get everything from stares to smiles with a thumbs up

Motel rooms need more power outlets