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    russell day long

    Any feedback on the Russell daylong seats

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    The couple folks I know with them LOVE them. I thought about one for the K1200 RS but they seem a little big and clunky.... the bike is so sleek, I hate to mess with the lines! Talk to me in a few weeks, after my trip to Nova Scotia.... I may have a change of heart...or, er..... SOME part of me may change its "mind"...

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    Almost all the feedback I've seen on rider forums about the RDL has been positive. Empirically it seems to have the most positive comments from riders than any other seat.

    My butt hurts after a short while on my stock seat even with an Airhawk cushion. However I don't like the looks of the RDL. It also raises you about 1/2" or more from what I've heard. When you come to a stop, if your legs just reached the ground with the standard seat you will learn to slide your butt forward to stand over the thinnest part of the seat. That's just the internet chatter that I've observed.

    But if I keep riding in pain, I could see myself breaking down and getting one.

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    Day-Long Delight

    I've had a Russell Day-Long on my 2009 RT for the last 2 years and I love it, it's the best motorcycle accessory I've ever bought. I got the half moon pattern in black vinyl and it's holding up quite well and with this stitching pattern it limits the ability of water to leak in through the stitching seams. The service is great too, I spoke to the guy that built my saddle on the phone before he started. I'm a short rider that is inseam challenged, and it will raise you up about 1-1 1/2 ", but I have adjusted to this and manage pretty well with it. Russell Day Long was recommended to me by an Iron Butt rider in my club that has done the 48 States+ Alaska Ride in 8 days and change. I figure if it's good enough for him and the distance he does, it would certainly work for me. Speaking only from my experience, Buy'll be glad you did.

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    I took the time to take pictures and filled out the order form,I ordered the half moon stiching,all leather heated with the back rest system if it works out I'll dump my air hawk cushion and back up back rest. I'll post later on the results thanks for the input

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    I'm not giving up mine for any reason.
    Salty Fog Rally 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014 And DRAT! Missed the last one in 2015!

    -Tom (KA1TOX)

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    +1 on the RDL. Best money I've ever spent. Did 300 today after work and 500-600 tomorrow

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    Had one on a K 1100 LT. Very comfortable.

    On my R 1100 RT I had a Sargent and a Corbin, neither which was that great for my shape butt.

    Then I put on a Kontour right before the Redmond Rally. Did the Redmond 1000 IBA ride on it. Never thought about the seat at all.

    Ordering one for the R 1100 R I bought on Monday.
    Ride Well

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