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Thread: Socks

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    Thurlo has them all beat-lots of models & they are worth the $

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    Quote Originally Posted by nytrashman View Post
    I have tried techsox, smart wool socks, sokz, and a few other brands but lately I've been wearing coconut socks from roadgear.
    Just got back from a 7-day bike trip out west. Roadgear Coconut socks every day.

    Fantastic - feet did not overheat and sweat. Actually didn't even get smelly, despite several days per pair.

    Thin, so boots slipped on and off easily, and they go all the way to the calf, so legs warmer on cool mornings and no slipping down the leg as the day wore on.

    Ordering more!!
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    I'm sure loving my Coconut Socks on our 4 month wander.

    Mansoor road tests these and has perfected the Generation 3 he now sells.

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    I have been using Thorlos Western Boot Dress Socks for a number of years. They are a synthetic blend with lots of padding in the right places for Motorcycle Boots. Our local Eli's Western Wear shop sells them for about $15 a pair.

    They dry overnight and seem to wick the moisture away from the foot

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    I was a rep for Techsox for a couple of years . I tried my first pair when i lived in FL. and loved them.
    Still wear them every day,
    but I would like to try the Coconut sox everyone is raving about these day.

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    Today I stopped by the sock manufacturing plant (Renfro) that makes SmartWool and a lot of other brands. I picked up a couple pair of grey Carhartts for a $1 a pair. They had quite a few styles of SmartWool socks (irregulars) to choose from. They are $6 a pair now, not $3 any more and they limit you to two pair.

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