I have imported my 91 K75 from the US to Canada and in order to register the bike I need to convert the front signal flashers to running lights/flashers.

Has anyone done this type of conversion and if so can you let me know how you went about it? The two approaches I was considering were:

1) Customizing the front signal bulb receptacles to accept dual element bulbs. I could then slave power from the headlight circuit for the running light element. The problem I have is that the signal flasher plastic mounting hardware is not easy to change. Did any future K bikes use the same flasher housing with dual element bulbs?

2) Changing the flashers to work as "normally on" rather than "normally off" lights. This is made difficult by the integrated relay flasher unit. If the signal flashers used standard relays I might be able to swap the relay to invert the logic. However, with the integrated unit it becomes tricky.

I'm leaning toward method #1, but would love to hear any suggestions.