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Thread: Replacing Drive Shaft Rubber Boot

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    HOW TO Questions: Replacing Drive Shaft Rubber Boot

    Hi. I'm sure that somewhere in the Airhead Forum is a link to the procedure of replacing the Drive Shaft Boot (on a '80 R80, etc). For the life of me I can't find one! A little help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

    (advance apology for possibly missing the obvious thread...)
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    Is there a link?

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    Can't say that I've seen such a link. It's just something people do...and sometimes not too well!

    I can offer the following:

    - the boot has a top and bottom along with a front and sure and get that right.
    - not sure where you are in the process, if things are all apart or not. But to make things the easiest, you'll need to undo the four driveshaft bolts and you'll also need to remove the swingarm pins so the driveshaft housing can be moved back 2-4 inches. This requires a special 27mm socket with the leading edge chamfer removed. Plus an allen wrench socket along with two types of torque wrenches, one in the in-lb range and another in the ft-lb range.
    - I'd get the rear end of the boot started first and get the clamp positioned
    - reattached the swingarm with the proper torquing. Snowbum discusses this on his website; it's in this article

    - reattached the four driveshaft bolts. New ones are best, clean/dry, blue loctite. I used the 12-point box wrench in my tool kit with a rag in my hand and gave it the best grunt I could. Otherwise there is a special tool to have/make to get a torque wrench on it.
    - work on the front part of the boot. This gets to be tough as there's not much room to work. You'll need to find something to help work the boot onto the lip of the tranny. Something that doesn't cut the boot. It can be frustrating.

    Do you have a manual? Usually you need one or more manuals to help with this. Haynes and Clymers have manuals.
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    Thank you. This will be helpful. I have performed this operation once before and have regrettably repressed it deep into the recesses of my mind.

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    Kurt has you well directed from his previous post. The new boot will have seams which should be placed in the 12 and 6 o'clock positions. Your new boot "should" have some markings on it, I've seen some with and without. If you find the words "oben" or the like - that part of the boot should go up or at the 12 o'clock position. The driveshaft housing normally is a bit Asymetrical in shape, as Kurt mentions you may want to start there with a good seal of the boot strap. If you have the bolts with split ring or lock washers, discard them and purchase the shorter bolts. I always replace these bolts, cheap insurance. Details are in Bum's link that Kurt provided. Important thing is you get the connection of the shaft to gearbox output flange snugged equally. I find the torque wrench extension special tool very helpful and makes capturing the bolts easier in such a tight space. Blue Locktite on the bolts. I also stuff a clean towel or rag in the shaft housing and gearbox opening during the bolt and flange attachment just in case a bolt gets away from you. Going fishing for parts inside the housing at this stage will be more of an irritant than the job itself.
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