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Thread: Which R100R for purchase?

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    Which R100R for purchase?

    Hi All,

    The only airhead I own is a 1975 R90/6. I would like to get an R100R. As I understand, that would be years 1991-1995. Can you all please give me your comments, opinions, critiques, etc. on what year you would focus on? Any particular year to stay away from or are they all about the same.

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    Of course you will be wading into the whole circlip missing from the transmission output shaft issue...

    Per Snowbum, if you were looking at a 1995 and the transmission serial number was greater than 240765, you'd likely have the circlip. Otherwise you'd be asking if the PO had the clip installed or pondering the need to have it overhauled.

    Or not.....
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    There's a few US-spec R100R nuances:

    All R100Rs had four-pot front disc calipers. They work very well. The 1992 model had a single front disc brake. The 1993, 1994 and 1995 later models all had a twin disc set-up. I have read reports where riders say that with the single disc the, by modern standards relatively small diameter, fork stanchions can "walk" under heavy braking.

    The 1994 and 1995 model year "Mystics" differ to the "normal" R100R in front indicator/headlamp mounting, instrument cluster treatment, front fender, seat and seat cowl styling, and handlebars that were much flatter and with a lot less pull back than the earlier years.

    As wecm31 said above, in theory (there's some fog around the details) the transmissions in very last of the airheads did not have the "circlip" issue.

    Monolever and Paralever airheads have a number of advantages over the earlier twin-shock bikes that help reliability and ride ability. However, fuel economy is not their strong suit, but they do get to run unleaded 87 (US [RON+MON]/2 measurement system) octane as standard and 10% less mpg than a well set up late 70s bike is probably a good guide. The R100R Paralever bikes are recognized as the best handling and best stopping of all the stock airheads.
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    I also have a (76) R90/6, my first BMW 7 yrs ago. Then 2 yrs ago, I picked up a 93 R100R Legend. The R100R developed a neutral switch leak, so I sent it to Oak and had the tranny updated with the circlip added, now no leaks or worries! I did not have any other problem, but the leak. The bike shifted without problems before and now. I have narrower bars and really love sport touring! The r90/6 is my daily commuter and just may ride it to Sadalia!

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    Obviously I love the Paralever model, since I own one... Mine is is 92, which came from the factory with only one brake disc in the front but the original owner added the second disc, which is readily available.... The differences between the years is minimal at best. The difference between the R100R and the Mystic is a few details in styling, which belongs to the viewer...Overall I prefer the R over the Mystic, but I do prefer the dash of the Mystic. But at $600.00 for all the parts it is not worth my money yet to change it over... As far as the Circlip, I just don't worry about that... I bought my R 3 years ago with 40K on it and I am now in the process of doing my 80K inspection/tune-up... I have gone through the bike front to rear, forward and back over the last 3 years and still smile everytime I get on it. Mine came from England so it has European specs, which means I am running it with 40mm carbs and not the US version of the 32mm. You can't go wrong with any of them.
    PM me if you have any questions... Prior to this one I also owned a 93 R100R, which I regreted selling so I got my current one, if that tells you anything.... BTW, I do like the Monolever too, mine has over 185K on it and it is a sweet ride. If my budget would allow, I would add a few more too... in due time...
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    I‘«÷m firmly in the R100R fan club.

    My 1993 is a great ‘«£naked‘«ō bike. It is much better handling than my 1994 R100RT (Wilbers rear shock on my R100R is every bit as good as the Ohlins on my R100RT), has excellent brakes, and is geared so that you get a lot out of the engine before holding on in the windstream becomes an issue. I have also fitted lower ‘«£Mystic‘«ō handlebars to help with the latter ‘«Ű huge improvement making indicated 80mph riding tolerable for fairly long distances.

    I actually prefer the Mystic‘«÷s styling, but the cut back front fender and seat/somewhat awkward rear rack (if fitted) combination makes it a little less functional than the ‘«£standard‘«ō bike. However, while the pearlescent white of my R100R is glorious, it pales next to the stunning Mystic red. Not sure that I would trade mine for a Mystic, but I would gladly have one of each!

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