I am a stove junkie too, have several and depending on my day, which one I pack. My Jet Boil is HOT to cook with, meaning it burns food very quickly, even with my "scidplate defuzer" on it! Very convenient, however. My Peak1 is much more friendly, but gas is messy to deal with. I trend towards the better cooker this trip, messy gas and all "Peak1". At least it has better control over heating food items/dinner. My others are same as JB, HOT! May pack my Sterno, cheapie heat stove too. What ya'll cook with??? I eat more self meals nowadays, off one burner and find it rewarding, once mastered. ANY TIPS? Dry backpacker meals are NOT all created equal, but find the best ones and smile, quite good! Buying small quantity at grocers is not always easy, BUT butchers at the meat counter are friendly enough most often to take care of you. Chicken(cooked) is easy and makes good Ceasar Salad at camp. Gotta buy the salad in a bag, eat soon. Wrap cold items in a towel in saddlebag(insulate), lasts much longer to get to camp, stays cool. No ice cream. Costs? Not much better than restaurants but I am GSGiant, Off The beaten Path too often, need self food! Fish tooRandy