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Thread: Gone wrong already, and haven't left the house!

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    Gone wrong already, and haven't left the house!

    The GF and I have been planning this trip for 10 months. Made reservations to stay in an Arkansas State Park Lodge for tomorrow night. Made the reservations before the first of the year. Checked them in January, and they had no record of our reservation! Made them again for June 1st. Received several emails confirming the reservation.

    Got a call today, (we leave at 0700 tomorrow!) and they wanted approval to go ahead and charge for the second night! What?? They claim to have a two night minimum on week ends! We were never told of such minimums. Searched the website and found no notice of such things! Searched all our emails and no mention of a two night stay.

    After a heated argument with the desk clerk on the phone, who said they 'never book just one night' I cancelled our stay. She said that the park may 'have to charge our card' because we didnt give them 48 hours notice.

    Good luck with that! The card I used to 'hold' the room is invalid. I do that and then pay upon arrival with a valid card, just in case this kinda stuff happens.

    Hope this isn't an indication of how the trip will go!
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    I hope the rest of your trip goes better. I too start tomorrow on my trip.

    Using an invalid card - I'm not a lawyer, but is this not like sending a cheque that you know will bounce?
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    Its all part of the adventure, Just have a laugh and carry on.
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    It can only get better for you...I hope. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldnslow View Post
    ...The card I used to 'hold' the room is invalid. I do that and then pay upon arrival with a valid card, just in case this kinda stuff happens...
    I think what happened is you made a reservation, they ran the card either to see if it was valid or to put a hold on those funds (without actually charging to the account). When they discovered the card wasn't valid, they cancelled. From their point of view, why should they honor a reservation when the customer proffers an invalid card?

    It would have been good business practice for them to call you...but perhaps they too felt a bit put upon.
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    I agree with DBrick. This is most likely what happened.

    From past professional experience and for future reference, the credit card giants, MC, Visa, and AMEX, will back you if you file a complaint on a room charge when you did not stay. Furthermore, if the hotel in question does not have a signature on file, they will lose the charge back from the bank. Using an invalid card is not the best way to do business. There is very little risk (aside from everyday encounters) to your credit card information when making hotel reservations.

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    I realize you are probably on the road already, but my advice would be "suck it up, and continue forward"! Shoot, turn it into an adventure looking for another place, as there are many places to stay and quite a few probably better than where you were planning. If you are going to be near Eureka Springs, I've got some good friends who run a beautiful & quaint B & B that are all seperate rooms.....

    Give a call if needed, you got the #

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