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Thread: Suggestions for stretching gloves?

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    Suggestions for stretching gloves?

    I bought a pair of BMW Airflow 2 gloves last fall. The overall fit is perfect. However, the 'meaty' part of my right thumb is somewhat tight/uncomfortable, especially during lots of throttle roll-on/off.

    I'd like to stretch that one area a little bit. Any suggestions on how to do this?

    I've read several "soak them and wear them" type suggestions. I'm hesitant to try this, as the gloves fit perfectly except for that one spot, and since they're not 100% leather I doubt it would work. Any spray-on/rub-on products, or mechanical methods people have had success with?

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    my airflows 2 are a couple years old now and I have that same tight spot. they been worn, they been wet, they still tight there.

    I picked up a pair of fully leather perforated gloves and they are now my fair weather choice glove. sorry that's not the most helpful reply but ... I feel your pain!

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    works for shoes

    Shoe stretchers use a spray on solution that's mostly isopropyl alcohol. Should work for leather gloves. Just spray it on the part that's tight and leather.

    On the other hand, it's not foolproof and the gloves will eventually mold better to your hand.

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    Wear them.
    They loosen up with wear, and rain, and snow, and touching greasy motorcycle parts, and ...
    Unless you just plain got one size too small.
    I know mine loosened up, over time, and a lot.

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    If they fit "perfect" they may actually be too slightly too small. They are a summer glove - right? My problem with mine is that they fit perfect until I ride in the heat and then your hands swell up slightly and they are hard to get on and off. I wish I had bought mine just 1/2 size bigger. Mine are 2 years old and I don't believe they have loosened up all that much and I usually ride 10-15K miles during the spring/summer months. Maybe return them for 1/2 size bigger???

    Just my .02.

    Good luck.
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    The issue with this spot isn't so much that it's 'too tight.' It's that there isn't enough stretch in the diagonal section of glove from the base of the thumb to the base of the pinky finger, especially around the thumb.

    As a result, when I move or flex my right hand - rolling on/off the throttle, braking, etc - the glove doesn't accommodate the resulting change in hand shape.

    Otherwise, they are a great fit. I tried the next size up and they were definitely too big.

    They have definitely broken in considerably, and I'm sure they will continue to. I'll try the shoe stretch solution idea, thanks!
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    Different glove, same problem. . .

    Recent long trip showed me just how much a "small" thing like this can impact the ride!

    Mine are summer perforated textile/fake leather gloves (not cheapies), and the #$%& throttle-side thumb is TOO SHORT only in this ONE area. WTF?

    I'm thinking of cutting off the end of the thumb-part (glove, not mine), then cannibalizing (a word ripped from today's headlines) another old pair of gloves, then using Shoe Goo to glue it onto the area, lending much-needed room. . . As long as no big internal seams resulted from the fix. . .maybe it would work. No "going back" once it was done, though, and I wouldn't do it on ultra-expensive gloves. It might even be better to leave this one part "open" -- heresy to ATGATT, I know, but this really IS annoying on long rides.

    Frankengloves, anyone?

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