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Thread: Is Sizing Consistent Among BMW Boot Models?

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    Is Sizing Consistent Among BMW Boot Models?

    I'm considering buying some BMW City boots. The size chart lists a Eur 44 as a US 9.5. I normally wear a 10.5/11 in a US. But I have a pair of BMW Airflow boots in a Eur 44 and they fit fine. So if a 44 in Airflow works for me, will a 44 in the City?


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    Different model BMW boots may be made by differnt suppliers so sizing may not be consistant. Unless someone on this forum can confirm sizing for you I wouldn't buy them with out trying them on.
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    Size 47 in the BMW Santiago boots is larger than size 47 in the BMW Protouring boots, by about a half size (US).
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    each mfr uses different lasts, the length my be the same but the width, height of instep and size of calf may all be different. Definitely try before buying. I cannot get my foot in a size 42 BMW boot made today, but the old boots made by Sidi fit perfectly.

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    BMW Boot Model Sizing

    I am a size 11 in US configuration. This size usually works for me in dress and casual shoes. However, in running shoes and motorcycle boots, it is an entirely different story. It is my experience that you have to try each running shoe and motorcycle boot on your foot to see how it fits, regardless of your usual US size.

    I take a European size 45 in the BMW Allaround Boot, but a size 46 in the BMW Airflow Boot. Placed side-by-side, these two boots look the same, except the Airflow has venting mesh on the instep where the Allaround has solid material.

    I was intending to buy the BMW Airflow Boots, but I purchased a pair of Revit AirBlend boots instead. I took a size 11 1/2 in those.

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