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Thread: "In Reach" satellite communicator

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    "In Reach" satellite communicator

    Anyone have or used one of these? Comments? Local REI has it on sale (for 2 more days.)

    I'm mainly interested for the ability to leave a "trail of crumbs" for family to keep an eye on me as I mostly ride solo.

    Thanks for any thoughts or comments.
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    There are only a couple of reviews on Amazon but they're pretty positive. Both reviews say it's better than the Spot but I would think the issue is whether it's worth the extra cost. For me it would be if I was going to really remote areas but I'm happy with my Spot since I'm on the road and not all that far from help.

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    Spot works well enough for me for multi day road trips. Family and friends get the bread crumb link.

    If this thing was a single integrated device rather than needing two devices for full functionality, I'd consider it.
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