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Thread: Hyper-Lite service

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    Hyper-Lite service


    I'm on my second bike with Hyper-Lites. I believe it gives the cage driver behind me a little extra attention boost that may prevent me from being rear ended.

    I rode my '01 1150 GS 140,000 miles with Hyper-Lites on it without any issues. I now ride a '07 12RT. One of the first things I added was Hyper-Lites so they have about 70K on them. Well, they started acting ...wierd. Flash for a while, stay on solid for a while all while not touching the bike much less the brake. I called Hyper-light and they were as helpful as they could possibly be. They had me run through some basic diagnostics (I'm no bike electrician) and I talked with them about 3 times checking possibilities. They determined it was the computer or whatever it's properly called. They sent me a new computer thingy, which took ME about 10 minutes to wire in at no charge, they even included a return mailing postage label so I could return the defective part. I assume so they can rip it apart and see what went wrong.

    THAT'S the kind of service I think needs to be talked about. No receipt, no "original purchaser" no "how old are they." They broke, we'll take care of it. I find this kind of service EXTRAORDINARY in this day and age.

    No, I'm not affiliated bla, bla, bla.

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    +1. They replaced some dead LEDs for me, at no charge.
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    ++1....They also replaced my Hyper Lites as the turn signal on one side did not work without question. I got a return envelope from them so they could trouble shoot what was wrong. 2 yrs now on replacements and no problems - the do get noticed by cagers.

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    Buy Hyperlites

    I have had two separate bulb failures several years after original installation that were replaced free of charge. This is the kind of company you with which to do business.

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    I agree hyper lights have top notch service. Have both the dual 16 led modules for brakes and turn signals on my GSA and a GS that my Son rides. Had a row of lights on a brake module go out on my Sons bike. Called them and actually had an apology for the led failure. They had a new module shipped out the same day which also had the postage paid return. Can‘«÷t get any better than that!

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    I've had good service from both Hyperlights and Skene. You can't go wrong with either.

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    Hyper-Light folks are a class act
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