Twisted Throttle Recently put on a real nice open house at their new location in Exeter Rhode Island. While there I picked up a set of SW-MOTECH Crashbars for my F800gs.

Here they are in the yellow accent for their demo bike-

and the larger picture showing the black color the way they are shipped-

Installation instructions are of the pictographic variety so some suggestions-
Sit down with a metric ruler (metric digital caliper if available) and mark all the parts with their corresponding numbers with a Sharpie.
You will need a T50 Torx for the engine to frame bolts, a 13mm and 17mm socket, a 13mm combo wrench, some medium strength thread locker, a long magnetic pick-up tool for the half dozen times you drop one of the spacers and they recommend a torque wrench.

It is recommended that one side be done at a time as you will be removing the upper engine locating bolts.
I would recommend a complete assembly of the bars to the bike with the bolts being taken up all the way, finger tight. This will allow you to make sure you don't have too long a bolt in the wrong hole and allows you to check your bolt location(s).

Once on, assembled and looking good you can remove one side at a time and apply the thread lock and then secure the front.

All looks good, no spare parts, so I should be good to go. These Crashbars have a side mounting hole that they suggest using for highway pegs but may just be a good location for some of TT's Denali LED driving lights. I've had concerns with the popular location point of up near the turn-signals as I think the lights may overpower the actual turn-signal.

HTH. Gary