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Thread: Spare keys on trip - what do you do?

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    Since Dave and I generally go on trips together, he has my spare and I have his. I also keep the flat keys for both of mine in my wallet.

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    " I have a spare set of keys in a pouch in the saddlebag."

    So how do you open the saddlebag?

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    So simple and fool proof

    Key on a chain from a hardware store around my neck with the spare key. Last thing off at night and first thing on in the morning. Never without my key. Simple.
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    I utilize 3M double sided trim tape cut into 1/2" squares and tape the heads of the spare keys to the inside of one of the triangular black (removable) side panels. Keys have been there for years and the tape doesn't give them up easily.

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    What happens if the topcase key is a flat key and I lose that and the ignition key has not been rekeyed to fit the case

    any suggestions on rekeying the Topcase for my ignition key

    oh ya my Bike is a 2005 Rt
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    When I bought my RT, I had the dealer insure that the ignition key works all the locks.
    When I'm a thousand miles (1600 km to you, eh) from home I need to think only about 2 things: having fun and ONE key!
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    I carry both spare keys with me when I go on the road. One in my left pocket clipped to a belt loop and the other in my overnight bag which I take in the motel room with me. I've never lost a key but have watched others in misery when they lost a key without a spare. You are in a hard spot when this happens as it takes days to replace a BMW key.

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    When on a trip with SWMBO, my spare EWS key goes in her trunk, and her spare key goes on mine. I figure that if we ever both lose our keys at the same time, we deserve to be stranded!

    When on my own -- I need to figure that out, as I've decided to make Sedalia, and will be going solo. I must say I like Ted's idea of a zipper pull, but I'd have to be careful to not lock my 'stich up in a saddlebag!

    My own semi-embarassing story, from which I learned the value of an on-bike spare key: On Sunday morning after the '09 Tennessee MOA rally, I was in a great mood, packing up the tent/gear/bike. Got all done, and realized I had lost my key. I spent at least an hour combing the grass, walking down the hill and back up to the lost-and-found desk, etc. -- basically checked every place I could think of.

    After finally giving up and getting on the phone with my wife to start arranging for an overnight shipment of the spare key down to me (*not* a happy camper by this time), as I'm talking to her my eye fell directly on the key. As some of you have probably guessed by now, I had an R12RT -- the key was safely in the seat lock, well out of view under the taillight!

    I instantly learned why experienced R12RT owners say "Lost your key? Check the seat lock FIRST." That's actually helped my find my missing key in my own garage a couple times since then!
    Mark Neblett
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    Thanks for telling all the good hiding spots. Now I have to find a new one.

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    This is what i do... i realized after reading this thread that i don't have a spare key, and contact a dealer to get one...

    on my trip last weekend i kept it with me, separate from the other...

    so thanks for reminding me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kmolldenver View Post
    I had the luggage and the bike all keyed to one key. I keep an extra key hidden on the frame secured by a Velcro strip. Invisible, always handy. Works well.
    My dealer was really cool and rekeyed the cases for me to match the ignition. It's actually pretty easy to remove the lock if you have the original key for the luggage.
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    Spare Key - Wear It Around Your Neck

    +1 on carrying the spare plastic key on a lanyard around your neck. That's what I do. You don't have to worry about it falling off the bike, being locked in the top case, or remembering where you put it, since it is always with you.

    I keep the spare metal key at home. The worst that could happen if I lose the lanyard key is that my wife would overnight the spare metal key to me.

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    Spare key on a lanyard around my neck. Probably will never need it until the one time I don't bring it.
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    If we're travelling together, Diann carries the spare key to my bike with her, and I carry hers.

    If I'm travelling alone, I keep the spare key in the storage bag that slides into the main frame tube on my bike (airhead).

    regards, Rod.
    Work is the curse of the riding class

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    Spare key for bike and cases on a lanyard, then I give it to my riding buddy. I, in turn, carry his.

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