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Thread: Spare keys on trip - what do you do?

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    Having lost a key while traveling and going through the PITA to replace it , I don't leave home without a spare.

    Typically i keep it in the same pocket as my wallet in my jacket.

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    I agree 100%. All my cars have a spare key as well, held in place with those magnetic holders. Very useful. As for my house, I have replaced the front door with a keypad entry system.

    As a man who frequently misplaces his keys (at the delight of my wife), I can go weeks without having my keys.
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    What I have done...

    The plastic (electronic though) key is now on my tough nylon string lanyard that will go around my neck.

    The spare (real) key and alarm dongle are taped inside a locked hard bag.

    Normal key will be in a pocket.

    Numer tag is in my wallet.

    If this system fails, I should probably give up riding (and most other things too).
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    footpeg rubber

    on my R110RT, I keep a plain key ( w/o the fancy plastic handle) under the passenger footpeg rubber. it's a flat-out beeyatch to get out, so I figure it's safe.

    IDK if other models besides oilheads have fiootpegs that allow you to slip a key under.

    But I'm kinda diggin' the seat lock idea mentioned above.
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    I ziptie a spare (flat, not folding) key to the big inside pocket zipper pull of my Aerostich. Doubles as a handy zipper pull for gloved hands.

    I also have a flat spare key in a small ziploc baggie taped to the underside of the lid of the manual compartment under the seat. With 4" wide black tape it is secured, protected and even looking right at it pretty invisible, I even forget it is there. I use a ziploc because it also has a double-sided and folded up photocopy page with my drivers license, registration, insurance info, emergency info, etc.

    I figure it is insurance against that great story about the guy who loses his key in the middle of nowhere, is thrilled he brought a spare, then loses that one too... I figure if I ever do lose my key I will use the zipper spare to unlock the seat (and fight the urge just to cut that ziptie.)
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    A big, intimidating friend of mine always left his key in the ignition and hence no need to take spares. On one trip up North, possibly to Alaska, he returned to his bike in Yellowknife to find his bike but someone had walked off with his key. Believe that it cost him $100 for a locksmith to create a new one.

    To me a spare key (wherever you chose to store it) is insurance that if needed, should save you a lot of grief.
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    I also leave the key in the ignition, no one ever steals a BMW!

    I have a spare set of keys in a pouch in the saddlebag.
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    Each of our bike's has a spare hiding in the same general spot... spare EWS keys and locksmiths for the other bikes may be many miles/states away.Don't want the unwanted surprise on something I CAN control.

    Before I started doing that I misplaced my key at the Sipapu NM Rally one year. After searching the grounds more than once and losing my sense of humor...Paul Glaves walked up and picked my key off my GS's metal footpeg, and with his usual jolly delivery asked "this it?"

    Helen though she dropped one in the four inch thick carpet of wet/muddy leaves one time...found it later stuck to the bottom of her magnetic tankbag she carried out of the rain earlier funny story after the fact as they usually are.

    For those who have never misplaced one...good on you
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    I sew the plastic one into the inside pocket in my AeroStich.. since I never get on the bike without it, that means I'll never be without a spare key.
    Don Eilenberger
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    all my vehicles have a planted spare key. securely attached and very well hidden. a pita to get at to prevent casual use.

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    Spare plastic key in my wallet

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    I have a key zip-tied to the frame tucked below the seat that can't be seen but that I can get to.
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    I carry spare set for ignition and disk lock in pocket of Camelback on trips only. Around town, can call spouse or friend for ride to get spare set. Haven't needed to use either method yet, but comforting to know I could if needed!

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    Spare keys

    Back in the early 1960's I kept a spare key plus a $5 bill inside my headlight. Today the spare key is there only now it's 2-$20 bills in a sealed plastic bag inside my headlight. Bob Childers

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    I keep a second key in the right-hand pocket of my jacket. It's the "pocket-behind-the pocket" - one of the pockets I never use.
    One time I put my regular key in my pants pocket, then put on the Roadcrafter and, of course, couldn't find the key. "No problem", I thought after giving it up for lost. "I'll use the spare". It had worked its way down into the far deep reaches of the jacket pocket so far that I couldn't find it either.
    I wouldn't say that panic set in but I did call the local dealer. While waiting for them to show up, I found the first key, then the second.
    I never told anyone about that incident until now.
    Now I'm embarrassed.
    It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it.

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