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Thread: Spare keys on trip - what do you do?

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    Ed Kilner #176066
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    Spare keys on trip - what do you do?

    My big trip starts next Friday morning!

    A few years ago, at a campground, I found my ignition key on the ground. Did not even know I had lost it out of my pocket. Spare key was at home... Horseshoes you know where.

    Since then, I wear a loop of string around my neck and the key goes there.

    My trip will take me from Toronto to west coast via US and back via Canada, so I better take the spare.

    Have a spare electronic key, alarm dongle, and a flat plastic key.

    What to take? Where to keep it (them)?

    What do you do?
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    God? What god? roborider's Avatar
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    I keep my spare key in my zippered pocket of the tank bag of my R12RT. On my airhead, I keep it under the seat since I don't lock the seat.
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    I just keep track of the key. As long as I know where it is, I don't have a problem. And I never use valet parking with the motorcycle.

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    I carry spare keys to my bike and Voni's bike, including keys to the bags on my bike whick use a different key - in the topcase on my bike. And I carry the spare key to the topcase separately in my billfold.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    When I'm on the road, my riding jacket's always on, with me, or locked in a motel room. Thus, I carry the plastic spare key in an interior, velcro-closed pocket of my riding jacket. On those rare occasions when I leave the jacket cabled to the bike, I take the spare key (and the credit card in the wrist pocket) with me.
    David Brick
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    Use some duct-tape to attach your spare key to the back of your license plate. Or, a zip tie to attach the spare under some of the fairing, or in another inconspicuous place. Keep the other keys in a side case, or under your seat.
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    IBA #44567 Ken F's Avatar
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    I keep a flat key with no head, in the seat lock above the tail light.
    Only a BMW rider would know what it was.

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    I love to lurk! tvgal2000's Avatar
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    I got a spare key holder (similar to the ones realtors use on homes for sale but not quite so heavy duty) at the local home depot. I tucked it inside the fairing of the GS, with the spare flat key and a $20 for emergencies. It's got a combo lock on it and a long-ish covered cable on it so it wraps around a bit of the frame nicely.
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    emmmm...I like that idea. The boot one is not bad either.

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    I have C belt pouch which I like and works well......

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    Single key - on the bike...

    I had the luggage and the bike all keyed to one key. I keep an extra key hidden on the frame secured by a Velcro strip. Invisible, always handy. Works well.
    2015 R1200GS
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    Spare plastic key in my wallet

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    I carry spare set for ignition and disk lock in pocket of Camelback on trips only. Around town, can call spouse or friend for ride to get spare set. Haven't needed to use either method yet, but comforting to know I could if needed!

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    Spare keys

    Back in the early 1960's I kept a spare key plus a $5 bill inside my headlight. Today the spare key is there only now it's 2-$20 bills in a sealed plastic bag inside my headlight. Bob Childers

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    I keep a second key in the right-hand pocket of my jacket. It's the "pocket-behind-the pocket" - one of the pockets I never use.
    One time I put my regular key in my pants pocket, then put on the Roadcrafter and, of course, couldn't find the key. "No problem", I thought after giving it up for lost. "I'll use the spare". It had worked its way down into the far deep reaches of the jacket pocket so far that I couldn't find it either.
    I wouldn't say that panic set in but I did call the local dealer. While waiting for them to show up, I found the first key, then the second.
    I never told anyone about that incident until now.
    Now I'm embarrassed.
    It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it.

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