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Thread: I was going so fast that.....

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    I was going so fast that.....

    A fly got sucked into and splatted against my mirror. Does NASA give tickets?

    What's your favorite, funniest, tall-tale, speed story?

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    You have the bike on a trailer facing backwards?
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    I was scooting along over a ton on my Triumph a few years back when a big black beetle hit my left knee in just the right spot to trigger my knee jerk reflex. The left foot came right off the peg!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 35634 View Post
    You have the bike on a trailer facing backwards?
    You are absolutely........

    wrong. But a great guess. To be honest, I ain't that fast.

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    Oh, I know...this bug was chasing you, and when he got close you slammed on your ABS brakes and took him out with the mirror!
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