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Thread: 2011 RT; Left front panel removal with radio?

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    2011 RT; Left front panel removal with radio?

    I've got a 2011 w/ OEM radio. When I pull off the left front panel I can't get my big fingers in to disconnect the radio controls connector. I can get a hold of it and kind of pinch it but can't unlock it. Am I doing it wrong? I'm afraid to pull too hard. Is there an easy way? Maybe a tool like a big fuse puller or something.

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    No tool that I know of. Maybe smaller hands. Somebody said he had the wife change his headlight bulb. Her smaller hands were able to get in there easier.
    With the connector, you need to be sure you are manipulating the tab just right, but not so as to hold the connector in.

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    Disconnect Radio

    On my 2009, the space is pretty small and it does take a little bit of a pull to get the connector off the first time. Make sure that you are squeezing the locking tabs on the sides of the connector and pull a little harder, whatever you do don't yank on the wires. It will come off and it should come off easier after the first time. I had the same problem and was fearful of damaging the wires.

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    Put a 2x4 on the ground and rest the panel on it. It won't overstretch the wires or scuff the panel.
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