i have a couple long trips in the planning this summer and fall and have a concern about a possible flat tire putting a damper on my travels. even as i say this i my next thought is really... i did have it happen once to my rear tire on the cross bronx express way at 65 mph, 2 up. it was a few moments of dancing in heavy traffic looking for daylight and holding on for dear life, as my passenger put it..... i don't spend a lot of time on it but it is a thought along other items of preparations... having said that.. searching the internet i came across a product called Ride-On, Ride-On.com is the website name. it was the first i have heard the product. the claims are: plugging punctures up to a 1/4 inch as long as it happens with in a few inches of tire center line. balancing of tires with or without weights. longer tire wear. stops/reduces tire pressure fluctuation. stays in a gel form. increases mileage by a few %.....and a few more things. i was waiting for lunch to be served as one of the perks..... has anyone heard of this product?