I don't get along well with electricalcity issues, so I could use some advice.

The bike is placed on a float charger every night, but starting can be an issue, especially if I ride to work (only about ten miles) and the bike sits for twelve hours. "Work" is right on the water's edge of the Pacific Ocean and the temperature hovers in the mid-forties, low-fifties most nights.

On a daily basis, once started it never fails to restart regardless of the distance between "start/stop"; the "state of tune" is excellent and generally lights off in one or two revolutions of the engine.

With the engine at around 3,500 rpm, my multimeter indicates 12.8 volts with the probes on the + and - terminals of the battery (which is about nine months old).

So, I (think) I need to check the alternator output...

With the multimeter set on A/C, and the expectation that the voltage readings (regardless of what they are) should be close, do I alternately touch the probes to:

W - U
W - A
A - U
A - W
U - A
U - W

Guidance would be appreciated.