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Thread: Broke down in Dawson City Yukon

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    Broke down in Dawson City Yukon

    In Dawson Cith Yukon and need a new back tire--180/55 ZR 17-- any suggestions where to buy a new tire here or how to get one ASAP Don Miller

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    Go to the Downtown Hotel and ask them to put you in contact with Dick. He's the retired owner. Dick rides a 1150GS and can help you. He generally has some servicable used tires.
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    Thanks --will do. Don

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    If that doesn't work, PM me and I'll buy the tire and ship it up to you. I'll check into shipping options but you know it won't be cheap. You can pay me later.

    Alternatively, contact these guys...

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    Appreciate that offer! I went over to see Dick at the Downtowner but, retired with a GS, he is out riding somewhere in Alaska and out of touch. I found a tire at Yahama in Whitehorse and Husky bus lines is picking it up and will have it tomorrow evening, so will have tire shop behind NAPA roll it on my rim and I will be heading to Anchorage! Don. Then to Fairbanks and ?

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    Just keep in mind the they may not be able to balance the tire according to posts on The Advrider forum. Good luck

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