As you know we're located in Big Bend Texas for most of the year, but long about this time, we hit the road with only a general plan ending by returning to the adobe in September when the desert is a bit cooler.

Come along with us if you'd like:

Greetings from Sunnyside, WA

When last we reported we were headed to our son's in Kansas and then
our grandson's school track and field day, and a few days at Ankeny,
Iowa. We survived track and field day and are now headed west and
north towards Hyder, Alaska. But first we will spend a couple of
days visiting Voni's Aunt Genevieve in Lacey, Washington. And Doug
Crow has invited us for a BBQ. We made overnight stops in beautiful
Valentine, Nebraska, Buffalo, Wyoming, Gardiner, Montana, and
Kamiah, Idaho. Now we are in Sunnyside, WA poised for the final
rush to Lacey.

We have ridden some of the truly great motorcycle roads, but not
between Ankeny and Valentine for sure. We did ride US 16 through
Ten Sleep Canyon and the Bighorn Mountains. We rode the Chief
Joseph Scenic Highway from Cody, WY to Cooke, City, MT. Yellowstone
was delightfully free of traffic and full of animal sightings,
including a grizzly. We road US 12 over Lolo Pass and then along
the Lochsa and Clearwater rivers to Kamiah.

It is notable that we managed to enter, ride through, and exit
Montana and nothing broke. Last year everything broke in Montana.
F650: lost its chain near East Glacier, bent a wheel near
Kalispell, broken main ignition wire also near Kalispell. F800:
replaced a failed battery, suffered an alternator stator failure,
and the rear wheel hub axle failed near Chinook. This year we
escaped Montana unscathed. And we rode with clear blue skies and
little to no wind. Another first!

Camping has been chilly with a couple nights in the very low 40's.
We suspect British Columbia will have several very nice motels.
It has been both a lesurely and a hurried trip, depending on the
day. Voni is, however at a loss to explain the fact her GPS is
reporting her maximum speed to have been 246 miles per hour. We did
have a few fairly long down hill sections from Lolo Pass but they
weren't that steep. And neither of us recall dropping the bike out
of an airplane and it appears undamaged.

From Lacey we will head north to Prince George and then west and
north to Hyder. We plan to spend a few days there, and then will
find ourselves headed to the Copper Mountain ski resort for a BMW
rally in mid June.

We'll report more later when it happens.

Pictures here:

Paul and Voni
On the road again . . .

V and P