For those of you looking to rent a motorcycle while you are in Fairbanks, Alaska, check out Alaska Adventure Riders at I just rented a BRAND new, as in 95 miles, F800GS for a day and rode to the Arctic Circle. Keith Payne worked with me while I was in Missouri, brought the bike into town and even came back into town to pick up the bike. He has 650GSs, 800GSs, and a couple of 1200GSs, all outfitted with altrider accessories, Jesse bags on some of the bikes, and the F800 I rode wore Heidenau tires. All in all, a very enjoyable experience and one I'd do again. Yes, this is a shameless plug, but Keith is just starting out and doing a good job. Oh, and I got the website from the good folks at motoquest tours waaaaay down in Anchorage. So here's a few pics from the little ride of 450 miles.

At the pipeline viewpoint just north of Fairbanks

This road sign kind of sums up a trip up the Haul Road.

The start, and a nice clean bike. The road was actually in excellent hardpacked condition and really only showed it's true character in a few spots (wet and sloppy, dusty gravel, or deep pea gravel over hardpack)

At the Hot Spot Cafe, just north of Yukon crossing and the home of $5.20 gasoline. It gets more expensive the closer you get to the source.

views like this along most of the ride. The condition of the road made it excellent for sightseeing.


No, this isn't Lisa from Ice Road Truckers. But there were many of them on the road and all of them being good drivers. Be nice to the working truckers and they will be nice to you.

If you name a creek "No Name Creek", doesn't it now have a name and so is also now misnamed????

The starkness, emptyness, and sheer beauty are simply stunning.

OK, so this isn't really dirty, but it's the best the Dalton could do. If it's any consolation, I had to wipe the dust from my faceshield quite frequently.

The end to my second trip up the Haul Road.

If you are going to Fairbanks and looking to rent a motorcycle, give Keith a call.

Thanks Alaska Adventure Riders!!!!